Kinkgym®: work out your fantasies

Workout Speedos/jocks/toys/naked
in serious West London home gym

Sports masochists encouraged.
Slaves trained. No fees.

Kinkgym® Trainer
slave trainer
slave trainer
pec with tits clamped
pec & tits clamped
push up with rock across shoulders
rock push ups
naked military press
naked military press
fetish boxing training
fetish boxing training
sun worship
sun worship

Home gym with good bench, free weights, large mirror, vaulting horse, Concept II rowing machine etc for naked or fetish workouts. Have weights for two without changing plates. Friendly punching OK: have practice gloves (2 pairs). Can do no-equipment routines too.

Workouts always shirt-off. Shorts or jock or Speedos, combats and boots, torn jean shorts, naked etc.

Workout with toys: plugged, clamped: tit/CBT toys, plug etc. Bring your own.

Heart rate monitor, pump or electro: bring yours.

Style: friendly serious mates OK but motivation possible with mild CP over genuine vaulting horse.
Optional "military" style verbal.

No pain no gain attitude welcome. Grunting OK. Posing OK. Touching OK.
Post-workout massage welcome and reciprocated...

Special welcome if you arrive striped/shaved/tattoed/pierced/slavechained/chastity locked.

One off or continuing/regular. Weekday early evenings best - I have a regular job.

I'm experienced, 5'9" 74kg, cropped & shaved. An ex-crosscountry runner, myself I've been gym training for fitness since early twenties. Photos are all of myself.

No dropping of weights.
No exhibitions.
No chems, no poppers, but bring your own supplement if you use them.
No out calls.
I'm careful but you train at your own responsibility and your own risk. Stop if it hurts and don't train if you think you are ill.

Real only: no online training.
One no show and you're blacklisted and blocked.

No fees but bring your own towel.

Apply here - send a recent body photo plus details of your current workout regime